A summary and chronology of the storyline developed for TRANSFORMERS Alternative issue #0.

Author's note: For those who don't know, TF: Alternative takes place in the year 1984 and plays out what may have happened on Cybertron as the 2 factions' commanders-in-chief awoke. From there it leads the main characters to the Earth groups and the affect it has on them. Several characters will be introduced early. These "Masterforce" characters (those who have been binary-bonded to something, Pretenders, Micromasters, and Action Masters) will not have received their changes and so will be as normal as Sunstreaker, Hound, or Bluestreak. For example, Crosshairs may as be Ironhide. (he'll be that normal.)

Another important thing. TF: Alt. will at times try to merge the cartoon and comic in as many points as possible. This is why there is no TF: Alt. #1-3. "More Than Meets The Eye!" parts 1-3 make up the first 3 issues/episodes. Even in this there are small changes. In the first episode, if you remember a yellow Decepticon plane shooting fire at Wheeljack and Bumblebee, he is on Earth and is now known as Fallout.

I have included 8 currently unexplained characters known as Cybertronian Mutants The explanation will arrive shortly. 4 other characters (and one mutant) will answer the first part of the question why the G1 Predacons evolved into the Beast Warriors we know of today.

TF: Alternative explains how humanoid (mammalian and arian) beings got to Cybertron to become 'natives'. Here is a chronology of the events leading up to summary.

NOTE: MYA = million of years ago. This means 1,000,000 years from 1984.
M alone = million, as does K = thousand, and H = hundred.

The Origin of Cybertronian Mutants

3,998,019 B.C. (4M3 YA) - An accident occured on a non-metallic planet. This triggered 'assimilation' research -- research to create a program designed to change a Cybertronian's secondary form into a local machine/lifeform capable of surviving the region's conditions. (At this time the program could only make a cybernetic version of animals.) The program was finished by the next year.

3,998,016 B.C. (4 MYA) - Assumed extinction of female Autobots; Optimus Prime/Megatron's legendary mission/ambush (Optimus's mission to montior Cybertron's catapult across the galaxies, clear its path, and bring back more energy; Megatron's plan to ambush the Autobot commander and return with energy.)

998,016 B.C. (1 MYA) - Research has upgraded the 'assimilation' to mimic organic lifeforms (i.e. Beast Wars).

998,005 B.C. - 2 Autobots led an expedition to rediscover Cybertron's last orbit. After finding it, the crew made a rest stop on an organic planet in the Shi'ar galaxy.

998,005-3 B.C. - How These Events Concern Cyb. Mutants The ship's crew successfully took the forms of humanoids and Shi'ar and tried to live among the inhabitants while they refueled their spacecraft. Despite being a foot taller than the average inhabitant, over the next year the citizens became used to their alien neighbors. The 2 directors became boyfriends to two local girls -- one Shi'ar, one humanoid.
A series of events beyond their control perpetuated the birth of 'mutants'. The human disguised Autobots made love with their girlfriends. Through another chain of events, the women (with another humanoid friend) ended up returning to Cybertron with them.

The end of 998,003 to 998,002 B.C. - The women, having come to Cybertron, gave birth to their offspring on Cybertron. However, because the Autobots were only disguised as humanoids, the children (mostly organic) carried strange new features. all of the offspring, by adolescence, were about 15 to 22 feet tall. (The humanoids were only 7' tall at average.) Since the humanoids' biology had a extremely high rate of evolution and mutation, the first children and grandchildren did not seem to be of the same race. (The later generations would finally be affected by the Cybertonians' mechanical orderliness and the differences in skin color would seldomly be different from their parents by much.) By adolescence, the offspring of this 'family' would gain individual superpowers (a combination from the Cybertronians' defensive and transformation powers and the genetic differences found in the alien humanoids and Shi'ar descendants).

542 A.D. - By the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Camelot, there were 2,000,000 mutants. Since Cybertronians didn't look kindly on organic creatures of any kind, they were forced to separate from their metallic brothers and sisters.

Now that you understand the story behind TRANSFORMERS Alternative #0, you should better understand the story behind 6 of my new characters, the uncanny Omnibots. (NOTE: Downshift leads, not Overdrive.) the other two are Bianca Accipitrid(ae), who shall soon become the Maximal Talondres, and Desert Thunder, a sandstorm-creating bounty hunter who will work for anyone and sell out his family so long as cuts a big profit. Enjoy the segments that I've written already!

                                                James Jackson (II)

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